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About Us

Get to know the Founder


Rahul Khanna founded and built the Arkina Diamonds brand from scratch in 2014. Over his years of experience in Business and as an Employee, he has developed strong business acumen, commercial awareness, creativity in design, problem solving orientation and strategic thinking. He has over eight years of jewelry industry experience having worked at multiple jewelry companies such as K.M. Exports, Taché and Podar where he would execute diamond cutting and polishing, perform jewelry grading and quality checks. Additionally, he accomplished the GII certification to further his passion for jewelry and Gemology. He has secured his MBA in Finance and Marketing from Roehampton Institute, London. He completed his Bachelors Degree in Management Studies

Get to know the Company Profile

Arkina Diamonds are the manufacturers of hand-made jewelry and produce exclusive
products that enables end users to express themselves uniquely and refresh their look,
making them feel confident. We offer a wide range of women’s sterling silver jewelry,
trendy fashion jewelry and accessories including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets,
sunglasses, hair accessories, cufflinks and more at marketable wholesale prices.

We at Arkina Diamonds believe in creating customized jewelry, exclusive designs, trendy
themes which are handpicked for special occasions and are an effortless style solution
where the accessories makes the outfit. We strongly believe in creating products which are
non repetitive in nature, making them very exclusive and thus enabling us to stay
competitive in the buyer’s market.


For over 20 years our core business has been designing, manufacturing & merchandising of jewelry & we assure to maintain the quality of jewelry & client satisfaction


Our focus is to maintain close strategic partnerships with clients to deliver customized & superior quality jewelry. The business continuously strives to provide excellent client service and continuous product enhancement


We’re also constantly improving our sustainability efforts by making conscious choices with the materials we use and our production processes

Why us

Choose us based on our USP and exclusiveness from others in the market
Arkina specializes in designing and manufacturing of high-quality jewelry. Arkina has an in- house designing & manufacturing team, which provides personal touch to all its products.
Arkina Diamonds has a competitive edge in the market since it has these features below that make them appealing and attractive:


Select from a wide range of products portfolio offering
We have ventured into high quality and trendy products which are custom made for our clients

Our product range